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Software Product Management Specialization by University of Alberta on Coursera:
Introduction to Software Product Management
Software Processes and Agile Practices
Client Needs and Software Requirements
Agile Planning for Software Products
Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements
Duolingo profile:
Passed Prøve i Dansk 3 in Studieskolen.
CPH Marathon 24.05.2015. 4:30:09 (official), 4:27:29 ( GPS)

Sun - sunrise, sunset and length of the day

See how the length of the day changes at your location:

Cheat - cheat for Letterpress game

You give letters, it gives you words:

Bolig - parser

A simple script to send you email notification every time when a new good apartment appears at

Likes - Tumblr likes importer

A script to save Tumblr likes into a local folder:

Udenad - (Danish adverb) by heart, memorize, learn by rote

Minimalistic spaced repetition app to learn Danish words:

Yolo - my life on a timeline

Visualization of my life: Check this out: